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2023 Scholarship Application

  • 2 May 2023
  • 1 Jun 2023
  • 12:05 AM
  • Online Application


The Texas A&M Hispanic Network is pleased to open the application window for 2023 Scholarships.  We are offering 6 different scholarships :

  • Incoming Freshman (Must be accepted and have accepted to enter Fall of 2023)
  • Transfer Students  (Must be accepted for Fall of 2023)
  • Graduate Students (Currently enrolled in Masters/PhD program or accepted for Fall of 2023)
  • Undergraduate Students (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)
  • Senior Boot Scholarship (Must be eligible to order in 2023)
  • Aggie Ring Scholarship  (Must be eligible to order in 2023)

You may apply to multiple scholarships but must meet eligibility requirements.  Scholarships will be decided based on academic achievement (unofficial transcript), involvement in student/volunteer activities (resume), and essay (PDF).  Scholarships are available for current  students, incoming Fall Freshmen and transfer students of Hispanic/Latinx descent attending the College Station campus.   Students graduating in Spring of 2023 are not eligible.  NOTE: Please mask any sensitive/confidential information (i.e. SSN, ITIN, etc.) before uploading document(s). 

Important before you begin:  You will be asked to upload your resume, most recent transcript and an essay.  The essay should be no more than 1 page, single space 12 font.  The essay topic is: Leadership as a core value: What kind of leader do YOU want to be and what steps have you taken to work toward that goal?

BEFORE UPLOADING: Save your pdf's with a unique name (like your last name and middle initial) before uploading.  If not, you may receive an error saying the file has already been uploaded.  

Optional: A subset of the total scholarship funding will be awarded based on above merit qualification as well as financial need.  If you want to be additionally considered for this portion of funding, please be prepared to also upload a PDF of your Award Letter that can be found in your financial aid portal. 

Scholarship Deadline is Wednesday, May 31st at midnight.

Texas A&M Hispanic Network


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